No need to look further.

We have created a program that focuses on teaching exactly that.


We will be spending time talking about

  • YOU

  • Digging for your gifts

  • Discovering your market

  • Selling to that market

  • Asking for the money



1. Are you tired of feeling stuck?  YES     NO

2. Are you tired of not being paid what you deserve?  YES     NO

3. Are you having trouble finding your niche?  YES     NO

4. Do you think you do not have "gifts" like others do?  YES     NO




If you answered YES to EVEN ONE of those questions,
then you are in the right place!

In this online powerful but simple program entitled

You will get:

Personalized Assessment Questionnaire to set the foundation for the program

6 Master Classes focusing on discovering all your gifts, how to make money with those gifts, and how and where to market.

Downloadable worksheets that guide the process

1 LIVE ticket to our summer or winter event.


For many years I had worked hard, created multiple products and services that people absolutely loved, and yet I wasn't making the money I should have been making. Then I met Patricia Drain. Patricia really helped me dig for what makes me happy and can help me make money at the same time. As a result of working with Patricia, I was able to focus my efforts on the things that I love the most and that bring me the most income. I now work less, enjoy life more, and make more money.

~ Linda Binns, B.Sc, Harmony Inside & Out, LLC


This course will:

HELP you get to the core of who you are
SHARE ways to make $$$ with the gifts that give you pleasure
TEACH you how to market to the right clients
INSTRUCT you what to charge for your service
SHOW you how to ask for the money


"I Really Wish This Program Was Available Earlier In My Career"

"...I invested in a couple of Masters degrees and have gone through various seminars and courses but the short 2 months I spent with Patricia completely blew away any of those previous investments in terms of return on my time and money. I really wish [this program] was available to me earlier in my career. What a great concise program " to dig deeper to uncover your special sauce and then to learn how to make money doing that all day long..."

~ Piyush Parikh,




People think that getting a job, collecting a paycheck, paying the bills, retiring so you can finally live, is the way we should live the game of life.

That is not living a purposeful life.

The reason I wrote the book WHAT SHOULD I BE WHEN I GROW UP NOW THAT I'M 40,50,60  is because I owned a Recruiting Firm in Phoenix, AZ, and year after year people thought they were original asking me, "Patricia, what should I be when I grow up?"

The sad part... they are not alone. 90% of people have no idea how to monetize their natural gifts, so they can live a purposeful life.


"I Knew I Had To Help Others"

"I took the course 'How To Make The Money You Deserve With What You Already Know' I was so impressed with the insights I gained, I knew I had to help others. I immediately took the course to become a certified coach. I started helping people who knew somewhat what they wanted to do, but didn't quite know what the next step was. After helping them take baby steps, they were soon running towards the life of their dreams. One client needed a little more confidence and soon finished a book she had been trying for years to complete. Another needed someone to ask the difficult questions so she could have more clarity. I encourage anyone to invest in themselves and uncover what you really want to do with your life.  ~ Sandra Kindred

You owe this to yourself. It is time for you to be who you were put on this earth to be. You do not want to wait another moment or look back on your life saying, "I wish I would have taken advantage of this offer I heard about years ago. I might have had the chance to live the life I dreamed of living."


Dear Determined Entrepreneur:

If you've been struggling to figure out how you can make money utilizing what you already know, then this could just be your luckiest day ever! Keep reading to see how you can earn an income just by taking what you know and finding a hungry target market that will PAY YOU to share it with them.

Believe me, there are lots of people out there that will pay you to teach them what you know because you know something they don't!

Often at my speaking events, I will ask the audience if they are working in their dream job and lots of people raise their hands - they're running their own businesses or creating and selling products and services. But when I ask them if they're making money at it, all the hands go down!

I spent over 20 years owning and operating recruiting firms and you wouldn't believe how many clients I worked with that really didn't know what skills and talents they had and they especially didn't know how to make money with them. Most people were just looking for a job where they could go to work, earn a paycheck, and go home and pay the bills - no wonder they were so unhappy!

Well, I found what I really loved about recruiting was helping others discover what they were already good at... and then start to make money by doing something with those skills and talents.

And you guessed coaching others in the recruiting firm, it was a real game-changer for me, too! I took my own advice and started using what I knew to make the money I really wanted to be making...and began designing a life that allowed my family and me more freedom, more certainty, and more happiness.

So, I said goodbye to the recruiting firms and started coaching and mentoring people just like you!

People who were sick and tired of working at jobs they hated. And people who were READY to do whatever it took to make a BIG change in their life and start doing something they LOVED.

With this shaky economy, there has never been a better time to reinvent yourself and how better to do that than to uncover your own gifts and put those to work for you can start earning the money you deserve!

I watched client after client that coached with me be blown away when they found they already possessed everything they needed to create new career opportunities and income for themselves. Time and time again they would come back to me and say that, without this program, they couldn't be living their dream life...and now they were.

As I celebrated with my private clients, I just knew I needed to create some kind of program that would allow more people to have access to this life changing information. And now, for the first time ever, you can have access to this same information that my private clients did but without paying my private coaching fees.

I have found such comfort knowing this information is now available for nearly anyone who wants to make a big change in their life and to start designing their own future.

And now it's your turn...I want to take you to the next level so you can go bigger with your dreams and goals and really start earning your ideal salary. I just know you want that for yourself, too, don't you?

To Your New Future,
Patricia Noel Drain




"After only one session with Patricia, I went from burn out to elation over my personal and business potential! For two years, I have struggled to monetize my gifts and struggled to corral those gifts into an informational product that can sell while I sleep. Patricia helped me produce the first of many products to come in less than an hour together. She is razor-sharp at pinning down what is most important to me, and keeps that at the forefront of our work. She seems to have a knack for teaching according to my learning style. I am bursting at the seams with excitement over working with Patricia Drain, and only regret not having done it sooner!!!!!" ~Nancy Banner,


Register here for this incredible opportunity to FINALLY

get paid what you deserve, doing what you love. 

You will be in a career for a long time -

you might as well create the career that gives you the

lifestyle that you LOVE!!


Patricia,  I Want To Discover How To
Make The Money I Deserve With What I Already Know!

  • I know that I am ready to start designing my own future by uncovering my talents and skills and making money with them!

  • I get that your private clients paid thousands of dollars for this information and I am getting this for a fraction of that... and that this course is designed so that I can get my investment back by making money with what I already know!

  • I also know that I cannot make a mistake here because I can request a full refund within 30 days if I am just not seeing how this valuable information can change my future!

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Do you feel stuck because you just don't know how to get started on creating a dream life for yourself?  Well, it's not your fault.  We weren't taught to create our own lives based on our dreams and passions but you can now and I want to show you how!  Take action right now and see for yourself how you can create the life you want!